Prather War Bowie Knife

TOPS’ New Warrior’s Bowie | Combat Bowie Knife

Special Forces vet Jeffrey Prather poured his military and martial arts training into this American ninjutsu steel bowie knife!


Although I am fascinated with all types of knives, combat knives have always held a special interest for me, especially when they reflect the skills, training and experience of a qualified designer. After all, when you’re willing to literally trust your life to a knife, you tend to give it your best effort.
A few months ago, I was looking at an ad from TOPS knives and noticed a knife called the “Prather War Bowie.” Its simple, functional lines immediately caught my eye and piqued my curiosity. After a brief email exchange, one was on its way to me for review. When the knife arrived, I started doing some research on the man behind the design and it all began to make sense. All the design features that drew me to the knife were there for good reasons stemming from a wealth of personal experience and training.

The War Bowie’s integral guard is simple and very effective. It also places the cutting edge in line with the knuckles, allowing accurate cuts without knuckle banging.

The designer of the Prather War Bowie is Jeffrey Prather, a lifelong martial artist, Special Forces veteran and accomplished instructor. The details of all of Prather’s experience and accomplishments are beyond the scope of this article, but to understand the logic behind the War Bowie’s design, I think it’s important to include some of them here.

Prather has been a practitioner of the Japanese martial arts for 42 years. The primary focus of that study has been ninjutsu, the famed art of the ninja. A shihan (“gentleman example” or “master teacher”) in the Bujinkan organization, he has trained directly under the renowned Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi for 27 years and is one of a handful of 15th-degree black belts in that system.

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  • RF

    Interesting knife..

  • Steve

    I wish that Mr. Janich (or anyone at Tactical Knives, for that matter) had bothered to research Jeff Prather prior to writing this article about him. A cursory Internet query would reveal that most of his Web-site-supplied background is grossly exaggerated, and some of it is outright fabricated. He may have been assigned to a Special Forces unit as an Intel officer, but he was not a tabbed SF officer. Neither is he listed as a recognized Ninjutsu instructor of Hatsumi’s school. Common sense would dictate that no one could have as varied and extensive a resume as Prather claims without a long list of documentable accomplishments. Prather offers none. A Military Intelligence officer, a Special Forces veteran, a DEA Special Agent (assigned to a clandestine unit, no less), a ninja? Really? Why didn’t he claim to be Batman while he was at it?! Next time someone in the knife industry claims to be high-speed, I wish Tactical Knives would do some due diligence in checking his claims before repeating all of his propaganda. Didn’t you learn anything from the Strider debacle?