Ultimate Speed Racer | Cutting Competition Knives

When split seconds count and the world title is on the line, here’s how to build your best cutting competition knife.

Race cars that compete on the track are constantly pushing the edge of technology and design. Racetracks are proving grounds for ideas that improve performance. Like the racing cars on the track, cutting competition knives prove themselves at competitions sponsored by Blade Sports International.

Sometimes cutting competition knives, just like their vehicular brethren, are not necessarily appropriate for everyday use. The things that we have learned on the cutting course do translate into things we do in the wilderness. By pushing the edge of design and technology, cutting competition knives can provide new innovations for performance.

Designing a cutting competition blade, or any other tool for that matter, requires a little planning. Sure, you can copy a design made by another maker. But to do that, you need to get permission from the original maker. Borrowing from traditional working tools, you can also find inspiration for design. My preference is to complete an original tool, full of form and function.

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