UP-ARMORED MENACE | Tactical Knives

Killer looks and battle-ready durability are what’s rising for tactical knives from William Welling’s shop!

Up-Armored knives represent a unique blend of art and high-performance camouflage.

particularly important in warrior cultures where they are used to bolster fighting spirit, intimidate enemies, and honor the memories of fallen comrades. Camouflage has also been an equally important part of warrior and hunting cultures throughout the history of mankind. The ability to remain unseen can provide a tremendous advantage and has long been an integral part of well-rounded tactical skill sets. So what do symbolism, camouflage, and knives have in common? Thanks to William Welling and his company, Up-Armored Knives, a lot!

Up-Armored knives are both artistic and fully functional. They feature convex-ground, Moran-style edges for aggressive cutting performance.

LE Origins
Welling is a full-time law enforcement officer with nearly two decades of experience on the job. Currently an investigator with the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department in New York, he has also been a police sniper and member of his agency’s tactical team for 15 years. As a sniper—especially in a county with lots of rural area—Welling learned the importance of camouflage very early in his career. In addition to camouflaging himself through the use of proper clothing and accessories, he realized the need to camouflage his equipment—including his rifles.

Like many snipers and outdoorsmen, Welling started out with the basics: leaves and good old Krylon spray paint. And, like most folks who go that route and actually use their gear in the field, he quickly realized that it was a short-term solution at best.

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