When the Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Shortly after the events of 9-11, many self-defense oriented individuals…

Shortly after the events of 9-11, many self-defense oriented individuals started looking for an alternative to the folding knives they had long carried on airline flights. At the time, this was made more imperative by the theory we might be facing a wave of highjacked planes and suicide pilots. Some would-be flyers started discussing ways of hiding knives and other weapons on themselves or in their carry-on luggage. Let me go on record as saying this is a really, really bad idea. Sooner or later you will be caught and why should TSA assume you are anything but a terrorist bent on murder? The only question will be how long they should hold you in jail.

imgp2920.gifThe second option was to consider what seemingly harmless personal items could, with a little training, be used as a weapon during an emergency. The Internet or web ninjas were soon chattering about all the lethal things they personally could do with an ordinary ink pen. While it all sounds great in a kung fu manual, once he has lost the element of surprise, I really wonder how well the average web ninja armed with a Bic pen would do against a terrorist team? Or for that matter, how well a pen-wielding terrorist would do against a plane full of angry passengers?

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