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The two latest additions to Kellams Wild Finn line are…

The two latest additions to Kellams Wild Finn line are the compact Wolverine Pro and the Puukko Long. Both knives continue Kellams tradition of offering quality, handmade knives to the public at affordable prices without the wait of a custom blade.

When I typed “puukko knives” into my web browser the very first hit I got was for Kellam. There’s good reason for that too, as they’ve been at this for a while and are a highly respected name when it comes to offering Nordic products to their customers, from Finnish craft items like the classic wooden kuska cups to handcrafted knives. They have a good selection of puukkos ranging from good, simple production blades to very high-end customs so there is something there for almost anyone’s budget. One of the lines that they offer is their “Wild Finn” line—a series of knives handcrafted specifically for Kellam offering a great combination of traditional styling, quality build, and affordable prices.

I have to admit I’ve been familiar with the Wild Finn line long before this article. At least a decade ago, I received a Kellam Wolverine puukko in trade and it set me on a path of acquiring Nordic knives at a pace that dismays my wife to this day. Prior to the Wolverine, the only Nordic knives I had were Moras. I loved the simplicity and functionality of them, but a plastic-handled Mora doesn’t exactly engender a sense of craftsmanship and pride of ownership. They’re good, simple tools, and that’s what they’re meant to be. The Wolverine was something different altogether.

Kellam provides an excellent traditionally styled sheath with these knives.

The beautiful curly birch handle, the precision-tempered blade and the quality, traditionally styled leather sheath really set it apart from what I had been using. I later picked up a larger Kellam Fang to compliment the Wolverine as well.

The Puukko Long’s balance point lies just behind the brass bolster plate. While a good-sized knife it’s light and nimble in the hand.

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  • Myself & the author have quite a bit in common as we both seemed to take almost the exact path with Scandinavia knives. I also have 4 very nice Helle knives but almost a year ago I bought a Wolverine pro because Iv’e become quite fond of the style of northern knives & had read a good article about the new Kellam so I purchased one and man am i ever glad i did! It is by far the sharpest, from the factory, piece of steel iv’e ever had and is easy to keep that way and they are extremely beautiful, but are made to use. If you buy one you will be more than pleased like I have been. Mine worked flawlessly deer hunting on Kodiak island last season doing what there made for!! Now i’m deciding which larger version I’m going to buy as it’s nice to have a little extra length at times and as a back up knife as everyone should carry a back up if for no other reason than in case you loose one. Thanks for the great article.