X-15 T.N—The French Connection | Benchmade Knives Review

For harsh, waterborne ops-fresh or salt-few steel knives can match what Benchmade is importing from Europe.


For decades, cutlery engineers have done battle with the omnipresent demons from the realm of environmental invectives and have been thwarted at nearly every turn. However, the folks at Benchmade Knife Company have begun using a “super corrosion-resistant blade steel” that is known in the industry as X-15 T.N stainless steel. Furthermore, this new steel also offers incredible edge retention.

X-15 T.N was developed by the French firm of Aubert & Duval for use in jet engine ball bearings. Aubert & Duval, a leading manufacturer of various alloys, designs and produces a vast range of special steels, including aluminum and titanium alloys, to meet the technical demands of many industries worldwide. The special properties of X-15 T.N are the result of its manufacturing methodology, resulting in superior corrosion-resistance in extremely harsh environments like saltwater.

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