Yan Can Cook- And Sharpen!

It is probably no secret by now that I’m not…

It is probably no secret by now that I’m not one of those cutlery elitist who takes great pride in turning up their collective noses at electric knife sharpeners. I recently noticed one poster on a cutlery forum stating that sharpening knives was his “hobby.” While there is nothing wrong with that, I have a feeling that puts him in a very small minority among cutlery users. The current fad among “hobby sharpeners” seems to be a search for ever finer grit Japanese waterstones. Where once an 8,000 grit stone was considered incredibly fine, there are now discussions of stones as fine as 30,000 grit! I wonder if they have ever noticed that Murray Carter touches up the edge of each knife he sells on a 1,200 grit King. And I’ve never heard anyone ever say his knives failed to cut what needed cutting.

It is a basic fact of life that the vast majority of kitchen, pocket, and even hunting knives are virtually never resharpened by their owners. Any product that improves this situation is certainly a step in the right direction. If it actually creates an edge that will slice a tomato paper thin, well then, it’s perfect for the real world.

Going Master Grade
While Master Grade electric sharpeners have been around for a number of years, I had never tried one. Then I happened to find a web link to an infomercial featuring famous TV chef Martin Yan promoting the machine. His sales pitch convinced me that it was time to take a closer look at the product. When I contacted Master Grade, they suggested I might actually like to evaluate two different models from their line, the MG-5000 Professional and the MG-600 Multi-Stage Premium model.

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