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Watch the SRM 1216 Gen 2 16-Round Shotgun in Action

Sleek new 12-gauge shotgun delivers 16 rounds downrange in a hurry!

Gun Review: LMT's Super Slick 5.56mm SLK8

Born for competition, the smooth operating LMT 5.56mm SLK8 is more than ready for all-out CQB...

Best of the Bullpups: Top 10 Compact Rifles and Shotguns

Top 12 compact rifles and shotguns built to dominate in close quarters on duty or at home!

Top 10 Detachable Box Magazine Platforms

Detachable box magazines aren’t just for ARs anymore -- check out this power-packed bunch!

Tactical Lights and Lasers For LEO, Military

New spot-on lights and lasers that will help you get on target fast!

Giving 'Em Hell: The Gunny's VA Hospital Checkup

The Gunny fires back on our VA hospital problems and wait times!

Sneak Peek: SRM's High-Capacity Shotgun

The semi-auto SRM 1216 Gen 2 packs 16 rounds of 12-gauge firepower!

VOERE's Heavy Metal LBW-M2, X3 Snipers

The modular, multi-caliber LBW-M2 and X3 sniper rifles bring on the sub-0.5-MOA hits!