Bore-tips and Gun-tips—Perfectly Designed Firearms Maintenance Tools

Hitting the target is just as important when cleaning your…

Hitting the target is just as important when cleaning your gun as it is when shooting it. Hard-to-reach grit and grime can impede a firearm’s performance, possibly causing a malfunction.

Swab-its brand Bore-tips and Gun-tips are the perfect firearms maintenance tool for serious firearms owners and collectors, like NRA members.

Designed to be lint-free and reusable, foam Bore-tips provide the ultimate in barrel bore cleaning with their tight bore-fitting 360-degree cleaning surface, delivering improved barrel cleaning and maximum lubrication. Bore-tips are available in a six-piece pack in .357cal/9mm, .22cal, .243cal, or .30cal, and in a five-piece pack for either .40cal or .45cal. Swab-its is also proud to announce to their brand new 12 gauge shotgun Bore-tips that are available on

Gun-tips are also lint-free, reusable foam swabs that offer gun owners superior firearms detailing versatility. When used in conjunction with Bore-tips as part of a regular firearms cleaning and lubricating regimen, Gun-tips swab kits give hunters, sportsmen, and gunsmiths the ability to protect and preserve their firearms like never before. Gun-tips come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, while leaving no residue of lint commonly found in other cleaning devices.

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  • John Wesley Bletsch

    I like to clean carbon out of the action and the little areas that are hard to reach. I also clean the slide rails and the frame rails every time I clean my guns. For years I have used cuticle pusher orange sticks and a patch over the end to accomplish this. Smaller swabs are needed, but are hard to find that do not shed fiber. I will look for these new foam tips and try a few. I have also found that the polymer safe powder sprays to be a great time saver in cleaning my guns after a range session. Must be used either outside or with plenty of ventilation. For lube, I like a synthetic oil and a military grade grease for that purpose. Slide and frame rails are always brushed with white grease that stays put and doesn’t run off. Yep, I’m OCD about cleaning my guns, but that was taught in the USMC and a year in Vietnam. My clean rifle always functioned when needed when some others not kept clean didn’t.