Pro Tip of the Week: Choosing a Kalashnikov

From straightness to the mag well and everything in between, Jim Fuller discusses the right things to look for when choosing a Kalashnikov.

There are certain features on a Kalashnikov that users want to concentrate on when purchasing.

Panteao pro Jim Fuller has suggestions for every AK aficionado in his “Pro Tip of the Week.”

“When you buy a gun with mistakes on it, it’s either going to be really costly or you’re just going to have to live with it,” Fuller says.

Fuller acknowledges the gun’s “straightness” as a key component.

While the actual design and parts of every AK should be considered whenever possible, but Fuller also says there are other things to consider when making a purchase — like a “lesser-made” AK.

“The worst AKs made in the world were made in this country,” Fuller says. “I’m sorry to say that because I’m a proud American whose always appreciated workmanship and I’m old enough to remember when workmanship was No. 1 in this country. In the case of the AK, a lot of them are being thrown together just for the purpose of making money and not necessarily for the purpose of giving you a good fighting rifle that you can count your life on.”

Fuller attributes the “lesser-made” AKs to Western technology not being able to hold up to Eastern technology.

Find out more tips from Fuller in the video above.

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