Rifle-to-Pistol Transition Training with Pull-Ups and Pat McNamara

Pat McNamara runs through his 20-yard rifle-to-pistol transition exercise and throws in some pull-ups for good measure ... because why not?

Rifle-to-pistol transition drills are important part of training. When it comes to training with Athlon Outdoors expert Pat McNamara, the word we like to use is “unconventional.”

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During a recent rifle-to-pistol transition training video, Mac puts rounds on target from 20 yards out. He hits four in the chest and two in the head from the rifle, and then transitions to his pistol for the same routine.

However, prior to shooting Mac runs out and fires off 10 pull-ups to get his blood flowing.

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Watch Mac hit the pull-up bar and then the target in the video above. For more on his training programs, please visit TmacsInc.com.

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