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Drivers have been trained to move back from the threat and use a two-handed retention grip for dealing with a close, lethal threat.

7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Defense Skill Set

Situations that involve self-defense tactics are dangerous often unpredictable, but these seven skill sets will help drastically.
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Always remember to keep your finger off of the trigger until your gun is on target and you have decided you need to shoot.

Understanding your risk profile will provide an idea of the skills you’ll need to increase your personal security.

Generally, these self-defense skills fall into the following categories.


Situational Awareness

Self-defense begins with awareness. This skill includes using color codes to assess threat levels, exit route awareness and scanning the environment for threats and multiple targets. It also includes skill in what John Farnam calls “living a stealth existence,” which involves threat avoidance. If you don’t need to be in a high-risk environment, why go there in the first place?


Use Of Cover & Concealment

This skill involves knowing the difference between materials that offer cover against incoming fire and those that only offer concealment. It also includes knowing how to minimally expose your body while shooting around solid objects.

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