USSA Tactical Handgun School

“Win the fight,” goes the mantra of the United States…

“Win the fight,” goes the mantra of the United States Shooting Academy, or their ethos, as they call it. Much more than just a catchy slogan, it’s a mindset they aspire to instill in all students.

ussa2.jpgConveniently located in the heart of America in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USSA is poised to become one of the nation’s premiere shooting schools. Comprised of 93 sprawling acres on the northwest edge of Tulsa, the grounds boast an amazing six action pistol ranges and a pneumatic shoot-off range, two 100-meter carbine and one 300-meter rifle ranges, 20 multi-purpose ranges, a reactive steel and a police/military qualification range, a tactical assault field, and an unprecedented 360-degree, 125-yard combat field. All of these ranges are bordered by 22-foot berms. There is a large 9000 square-foot main lodge, maintenance building, and a ballistic shoot-house. Eventually there will be an armory, physical training and defensive tactics building as well as a bunkhouse.

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  • Hello,
    As I am selling more and more conceal carry handguns, home defense shotguns, and everything in between, I am looking for an established scool to help me teach women and men who carry exactly how to properly utilize their guns. I am an FFL, with a conceal carry and I have a range. I need an established program that holds water…..I thought of Springfield, Marcinko’s Crossroads, S&W, etc…I want the best viable training on top of being a 10 yr Army Officer Vet, law enforcement for 4 yrs, and gunshop and range ownwer to teach conceal carriers correctly.

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