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Spec Ops Spotlight

Richmond, Virginia, may have been the safest place in America for a few days at least during the National Tactical Officers Association conference that took place recently. Special sessions for S.W.A.T. team members and other tactical LE officers covered topics like improvised explosives, hostage situations, less-lethal options and various weapon classes. In addition, there was an expansive vendor exhibition that featured over 150 manufacturers showcasing the latest in tactical guns and gear. Tactical operators could get hands-on with everything from armored vehicles to armed robots and a lot in between.

Modern Day Marine Expo

The 31st Modern Day Marine Exposition held at MCB Quantico was a combination of events and displays for the latest weapons, equipment and support systems made by American and international manufacturers—all designed, as Marine Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills said during the opening ceremonies, “to look for adaptive ways to get the right equipment to the most lethal fighting force ever seen.” Responding to feedback from Marines in combat, manufacturers showed products and services that would make Leathernecks faster, lighter and stronger warriors. Once again, Lt. Gen. Mills summed it up perfectly: “Victory on the battlefield is the ultimate goal of each and every one of us. We will continue to scare the hell out of our enemies.” Here are some of the outstanding products noted at the expo.