If you are reading this article, you are likely concerned about your personal safety and you have probably taken steps to defend yourself against an attack. These steps might include enhancing your level of awareness, “hardening” your home against intrusion, making sure that your vehicle is functioning at its best to avoid breakdown, improving your physical condition in the event you must physically repel an attack, buying a handgun and seeking training to properly use it. If your personal defense plan doesn’t include these steps, it should! These are the basic foundations of any enhanced defensive program, a program that should be constantly reviewed and updated as needed. This revision can come in the form of revised tactics, additional training or a change in equipment, all of which are essential components. At the same time, do not change something for the sake of change alone. If you can’t articulate a valid reason for a change or modification, say a failure of a technique or piece of gear, then leave it alone.

buffalammo.jpgOne area where individuals seem to be constantly changing and re-evaluating is their choice of defensive ammunition. Competition in the ammo industry is intense and all of the major (and a few minor) ammunition companies are constantly looking for ways to raise the profile of their product. The truth is defensive ammunition is better than it has ever been, and it is hard to really see a substantial difference from one load to another. I have been a serious student of this topic for most of my adult life and, more often than not, when a particular load fails it’s due to a lack of shot placement and not bullet failure. The following things need to be understood when selecting handgun ammunition:

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