Remington’s new Ultimate Home Defense ammunition—simplifying the choice for personal protection.

Every day in the United States someone walks into a gun store for the first time and purchases a handgun for self-defense. At no time was that more evident than during the year 2009. For a host of reason that we don’t have enough space to examine in depth, tens of thousands of first time gun buyers bought a handgun to use for self-protection. For many, picking the gun was the easy part. The tough decision was deciding what to load in the pistol or revolver. Depending on the caliber choice a new shooter might be faced with five, six, seven, perhaps ten or more choices of ammunition for that particular cartridge. All at once the new gun owner was deluged with descriptors such as Full Metal Jacket, Full Metal Case, Frangible, Semi-Jacketed Hollow-Point, Controlled Expansion, Semi-Wadcutter, and so on.

Their final choice was dependent on their level of training and how much friendly advice they’d been given. Brand loyalty, price and “expert advice” all play a part in the decision making. You can imagine how daunting this might be. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself.

Ultimate Home Defense
9mm-ultimate-home-defense-bFive rounds of Remington’s 9mm Ultimate Home Defense fired from 15 yards went into a nice 1.75-inch group. The cartridge proved to be consistent and accurate.

The folks at Remington understood this dilemma and set out to make the personal defense ammo decision-making process a bit less painful or confusing. In late 2009 Remington launched their new “Ultimate Home Defense” line   of ammunition. Packaged in distinctive black and gold packaging, the UHD ammo says “Home Defense” in bold letters right on the box. Each box of pistol ammunition contains 25 rounds. Currently the UHD line includes a variety of shotshells and many popular centerfire pistol calibers.

First of all, Remington’s Ultimate Home Defense ammunition is a premium load. This round is for saving your life, not shooting tin cans off of a log. A nickel-plated cartridge case is used. These cases are slick for more efficient cycling and corrosion resistant. Self-defense ammunition spends its life staged in a magazine waiting for a crisis.

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