In my opinion, neither money nor greed is the root of all evil. The root of all evil is envy. The non-coper hates the coper, and thus the non-shooter hates the shooter. I see no other explanation for the pointless and irrational activism of the gun grabbers on the political scene. They know that their machinations can have no effect upon crime. Guns have no effect upon crime, but they do make all men equal, as the saying goes. This puts the coper on top, and infuriates the non-coper.

● In view of all these gadgets we see for sale in ads and at the shows, may we suggest that “invention is the mother of necessity?”

● Does recoil bother you much? This clearly is a personal matter, and some people are affected far more than others. When I was a lad we used to think the ’03 was a jawbreaker—but it was not. Then we started going to larger and larger cartridges, which kicked more and more, and this bothered some people far more than others. It has a lot to do with how much you shoot. Those of us who shoot a good deal hardly notice recoil, and yet a lot of people complained about the recoil of the .350 Short Mag when it first appeared. For a long time the .375 Holland cartridge was generally held to be a bruiser, but it certainly is not today—note that we now even have an “Ultra 375.” When the .458 Win came out, it scared a lot of people until they discovered that recoil effect upon a shooter is about 85 percent mental. If you convince yourself that recoil is nothing to worry about, it will not be. I have a lot of experience along this line, having taught people rifle marksmanship for most of my adult life. It is not a matter of how big or strong you are, it is a matter of what you think you should think about rifle kick. I have had great success with adolescents of both sexes in this regard, and while I certainly do not assert that recoil effect does not exist, I do insist that it is highly overrated. Any boy who plays touch football seriously will be beaten around far more in a quarter than he ever will be by the butt of his rifle. What is more, he will enjoy it.

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In my opinion, neither money nor greed is the root of all evil. The…