According to what I read these days, plus what I learn from talking with friends of mine, the small 5-shot revolvers (my personal choice) are very popular with concealed carry permit holders. I would think the Kel-Tec and Kahr pistols are not far behind. These little handguns don’t have the power and ammo capacity of the larger handguns, and their sights aren’t always the best, but their weight and size almost guarantee you’ll carry one of them on a regular basis. And we know that in many incidents the mere presence of a handgun prevents the situation from escalating. I mentioned the shortcomings of pocket pistols, but what about their strong points? What can we do to maximize our capabilities with them. In this article I’ll offer two suggestions: the element of surprise and time management.

Element of Surprise
Since you are carrying your sidearm concealed, the bad guy doesn’t know you’re armed. He also doesn’t know you intend to fight. Your unexpected 1-2 punch can really mess up his game plan. Here we take a page from the colorful history of the riverboat gambler and his faithful derringer. When the situation turns bad and one of the card players went for his holstered sixgun, he already had a gun pointing at him under the table. He never even saw the gun that shot him!

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According to what I read these days, plus what I learn from talking with…