Custom-made with a variety of options based on user preference, each Vigilum is handcrafted with remarkable attention to detail—shown here sporting EOTech’s WL1-AA Weapon Light.

I confess to having almost a romance with the 1911, running back to when all commercial versions of “Old Slabsides” wore the name “Colt.” Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy modern firearm designs and new hardware, but that soft spot for the traditional is still there. Today, there are more producers of 1911s than ever, including purveyors of custom versions. In fact, just when I think I know them all, I find I am wrong. AdeQ Firearms Company of Tampa, Florida is fairly new, allowing them to fly under my radar—until now.

Company’s History
It is not often someone takes an interest and builds it beyond the hobby level. However, in the firearms world that is frequently the story for smaller gun and accessories companies—and virtually every custom shop. AdeQ Firearms is no exception. Founded in November of 2010, AdeQ Firearms has its genesis in the determination of two folks with military backgrounds plus an interest and proficiency (including certifications as armorers) in a variety of weapons: Alex de Quesada (CEO) and Chris Krier (COO). They brought on board Ron Estep, with a military and law enforcement background and extensive expertise in building firearms, as their chief armorer.

The frame features an integral accessory rail for tactical applications. Note the “melt” treatment on the autopistol’s sharp edges.

AdeQ’s mission statements reads, “To provide a quality firearm that you can bet your life on.” This is reflected in their focus on serious firearms—firearms that law enforcement or civilians can take up confidently. Ron said they believe, “If the customer is spending their money, they deserve what they are paying for—and more.” In fact, only a month before I spoke with the folks at AdeQ, their warranty policy became lifetime and transferable! They can offer this because, “We don’t use any inferior parts, or any not made in the USA—only the best, because someone’s life may hang in the balance.”

Secured by hex screws Mil-TAC’s grooved grips felt comfortable, snag-proof and easy on clothing. They also provide excellent recoil control.

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Custom-made with a variety of options based on user preference, each Vigilum is handcrafted…