Emil Milev Rapid Fire - Credit USA Shooting
One of the most compelling storylines for the 2012 Olympic games is Emil Milev. He immigrated to the USA, becoming an American citizen and member of the US Shooting Team in 2009. USA Shooting Photo

No one can argue that the action shooting sports are hot right now. IDPA is growing at 800 members per month, 3-Gun is smoking hot with more and more shooters at every match, and USPSA continues to sell out Area and National matches year in and year out. Meanwhile—in the shuffle of flashy jerseys, race-guns, and defensive shooting skills—the Olympic shooting sports are still going strong.

USA Shooting is the organizational body that “oversees the development of U.S. National Teams that compete in international competition on behalf of the United States.” Funded in part by donations from companies like Kimber, USA Shooting strives to create world-class athletes across several Olympic shooting disciplines.

Available in 9mm or classic .45 ACP, out of the box the Kimber Team Match II sports all the design features a top action pistol shooter would look for in a competition 1911. Photo Courtesy Kimber

Shooting Sports
The Olympic Shooting Sports encompass the following disciplines; while the focus here will be on the pistol sports, rifle and shotgun sports also enjoy Olympic status:

• 50-meter 3-position rifle
(Men & Women)
• 50-meter prone rifle (Men)
• 10-meter air rifle (Men & Women)
• 50-meter pistol, a.k.a. “free pistol”
• 25-meter pistol, a.k.a. “sport pistol”
• 25-meter rapid fire pistol (Men)
• 10-meter air pistol (Men & Women)
• Trap (Men & Women)
• Double Trap (Men)
• Skeet (Men & Women)

The Kimber Team Match II USA-10000 brought over $10,000 with the proceeds going to USA Shooting. From the left: Corey Cogdell, USA Shooting team competitor; Leslie Edelman, Kimber owner and CEO; Buddy Duvall, Executive Director, USA Shooting Team Foundation; John Mullins, USA Shooting team competitor.

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No one can argue that the action shooting sports are hot right now. IDPA…