Members of a protective team make it a priority to find both alternate routes and evacuation routes. The evacuation plan transports the principal to either a secure area or to a vehicle to remove him from the area of danger. Unfortunately, certain circumstances may arise where carrying out an evacuation is highly dangerous because of the nature of the area.

vip2.gifFor example, I was once working with a team in the Middle East whose principal was a prime assassination target. However, he was scheduled to appear before a vast crowd in a flat, open area that was virtually barren of trees. Some of the spectators were likely to be antagonistic. He became even more of a target since he would be standing on a reviewing platform. It was possible to get vehicles within about 40 to 50 yards, but it was necessary to cross open ground to get to them. Since a substantial number of loyal troops would be around the platform, the problem was how to protect him during an attack until they secured the area.

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