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Introduced in 2008, the Auto Ordnance TA5 is classified as a semi-automatic pistol that looks, for all the world, like a 1928 Thompson with the buttstock removed. According to Auto Ordnance’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Frank Harris, “It’s not a historically correct gun, but it gives the shooter the full ‘Tommy Gun’ flavor without the hassle of Class III paperwork. The cool factor is very high and the response that we’ve received has been fantastic!”

Auto Ordnance’s TA5 Tommy Gun Pistol offers a convincing recreation of a 1928 Thompson, without the buttstock and the full-auto capability.

Originally conceived by the Numrich Gun Parts, the owners of Auto Ordnance prior to Kahr Arms purchasing the company in 1999, they built the pistol with a 13-inch barrel and square cocking knob. When production ceased with the 1994 “Assault Weapons Ban,” Harris said that the Tommy Gun pistol was one of the most requested items for manufacture. In 2004, the Assault Weapons Ban expired and Auto Ordnance committed to producing a new pistol with a more authentic flavor.

The sample TA5 Tommy Gun Pistol (rear) is shown here for comparison with the author’s authentic 1928 Thompson SMG.

Barrels on the new TA5 Tommy Gun are true 10.5-inch barrels—the same length as the original Thompson submachine gun barrels. The barrel sports ribs—just like the original ones whose function was an attempt to keep the barrel cooler during full-auto fire by increasing surface area. If you’ve had a chance to fire a true full-auto submachine gun, you know that these ribs had little effect… but they do look cool.

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Gun Details Introduced in 2008, the Auto Ordnance TA5 is classified as a semi-automatic…