This issue we’ll look at three holsters made of traditional vegetable tanned, top grade cowhide. First, the strong-side Axiom hip holster from Milt Sparks; second, the Need for Speed strong-side hip holster from High Noon Holsters and third, Dillon Precision’s pocket holster, El Raton, made for them by Mitch Rosen.

miltsparks.jpgMilt Sparks Axiom
Milt Sparks Holsters has been a leader in producing the best in practical leather holsters for over 30 years. They are constantly revising and upgrading their line of holsters. Their latest open-carry hip holster is the Axiom. On their website, it says Axiom is derived from the Latin word, Axioma, which is defined as “that thought to be fitting or worthy.” Although not meant as a maximum concealment holster, the Axiom places the pistol, in this case a cocked-and-locked Colt Government Model, high on the hip and pulled snugly against the body for excellent casual concealment.

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