Ankle holsters are a “sometimes” solution for carrying a back-up handgun.

Some wise sage once wrote that if you carry a gun for self-defense—you probably need to carry two. Although this attitude may seem over the line to many, it really makes a lot of sense. All mechanical devices are subject to failure. I daresay that just about everyone reading this dissertation has, at one time in their life, laid down some hard cash for a product, only to have it fail. Should your car break down, you can call AAA and have it towed to the nearest garage. But, if your roscoe goes down at the moment of truth, you may find yourself up that proverbial creek without a paddle.

In addition to weapon malfunctions, which cannot be quickly remedied, there is any number of other reasons why a back-up gun (BUG) is an essential piece of safety equipment.

back-up-firepower-bAuthor’s preferred BUGs include: Glock 26 9mm (top), S&W M638 .38 Special (middle) and Ruger LCP .380 ACP (bottom).

A disarm or disarm attempt immediately comes to mind. While everyone who carries a handgun should be familiar with basic retention and takeaway techniques, they may be ineffective if you are seriously injured or are fighting with multiple subjects.

Although it may be faster to reload that depleted autopistol, under certain conditions getting the BUG into the fight will be the better course of action. Lastly, having a BUG readily available allows you to arm another competent person who may be without a gun.
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Ankle holsters are a “sometimes” solution for carrying a back-up handgun. Some wise sage…