Printing to point-of-aim at 15 yards, the M629 was fast to bring on target and perfect for close-quarters personal protection.

Having been around long enough to carry a revolver for duty and off-duty use, there are still many things about them that are preferable. One is how they carry in a car. Short-barreled revolvers, in the correct holster, ride higher on the belt line and are easier to access from a driver’s seat. Another advantage is that they are legal in most states. As a retired officer, my concealed carry privileges for my revolver extend to all states, but the pistols may not. For the most part, a six-shot revolver with a trigger lock meets just about every requirement out there.

The author carried the M629 with a Galco Silhouette High Ride holster and some speedloader carriers and found it to be comfortable.

Loaded with Hornady’s excellent Critical Defense ammo, this short-barreled .44 Mag from S&W’s Performance Center was a joy to shoot. Recoil was minimal, and it was very accurate and perfectly suited for self-defense work. Photo Courtesy Smith & Wesson

Revolver Details
Lately my travel schedule has been substantial, most of it driving, so it seemed like a good time to pick up another revolver. I picked up a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center, a six-shot stainless steel revolver chambered in .44 Mag. It’s set up for carry with custom grips, a non-fluted cylinder, and the crisp trigger pull of a Performance Center Trigger. The model 629 isn’t lightweight by any means, but given that my preferred carry weapon is a full-sized, all-steel 1911, the difference is minimal. Having acquired the tool, it was time to look at ammunition and the supporting cast.


For carry, I turned to my good friends at Galco, I chose a Silhouette High Ride holster because it sits high on the belt and interferes less with the seatbelt and seat. I also chose one of their excellent CB4 Contour belts along with a couple of speedloader carriers and two ammo pouches. The speedloaders were mostly for training, but the ammo pouches carry close to the belt and do not interfere while in the seated position. This setup provides for comfortable carry on long trips, and the occasional night out when the semi-autos need a rest. Now it was time for the truly fun part, picking the ammunition.

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Printing to point-of-aim at 15 yards, the M629 was fast to bring on target…