Whether shooting two-handed or one-handed, specific considerations in regards to form must be made. Repetitive practice of these shooting forms is essential for the development of strong shooting skills.

Want to shooter faster and better? There is a reason why the best handgunners in the world use a thumbs-forward grip. This technique gives the operator balanced contact on the pistol grip and improves recoil control with predictable sight tracking. I learned early in my shooting career that gripping higher with the support-hand wrist rolled forward provides more control than any other method.

Here is an example of a correct grip. The thumbs are forward, the hands are together and they have a 360 degree hold on the pistol.

Position the web of your firing hand high along the backstrap leaving no space between the top of your hand and the beavertail. The middle finger should be firmly pressed along the bottom of the triggerguard with all fingers touching one another. Keep your thumb straight and on top of the manual safety if your pistol has one. The pistol slide should be oriented in line with your forearm.

With the support hand, keep all four fingers together as you contact the bottom of the triggerguard. The heel of the support hand should mate with the bottom of the firing-hand thumb. Keep the thumbs pointed forward and contact all sides of the pistol. Again, this thumbs-forward wrist locking action will help sight recovery between shots. It is simple to reacquire this grip when the support hand is on and off the pistol during magazine changes or other tasks requiring use of the non-firing hand.

Establishing a solid, wide base combined with keeping your shoulders slightly forward will help to keep your accuracy consistent.

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