Galco Gunleather offers their DAO (Double Action Only) line for medium frame revolvers. Their unusual loops allow for an FBI or crossdraw rake.

Camouflaged holsters are great for field carry, whether used for hunting or merely for peace of mind in bear country. They used to be hard to find, but for 2010, Mernickle Holsters has a complete line of Realtree AP and Herman Oak holsters; and Galco Gunleather is offering their DAO and SAO holsters in Mossy Oak Breakup.

Galco Gunleather
Galco gunleather provided two holsters in their Mossy Oak Breakup camouflage pattern finish. These are a Single Action Only (SAO) for large frame 7.5-inch barrel SA revolvers such as the Ruger Super Blackhawk; and a Double Action Only (DAO) for medium frame DA revolvers such as the Smith & Wesson K -and L-frame revolvers. Both of these holsters have unusual dual belt loops, which allow them to be worn FBI raked on the strong side hip or muzzle raked as a crossdraw.

While Galco did not indicate the source of their leather, I would be surprised if this top-grade cowhide did not come from the Herman Oak tannery. The leather used in both of these unlined holsters appears to have been drum dyed black before applying the Mossy Oak Breakup camouflage pattern, as the flesh side is a uniform flat black.

The holsters show Galco’s usual attention to detail with all edges neatly creased and perfectly finished glass smooth. Both holsters are neatly wet-molded by hand, which produces a sight tunnel for use with sharp edged high visibility front sights. The traditional welt at the base of the triggerguard has been omitted and this rear top edge of the pouch is open. An adjustable tension device is located where the top edge of the welt would have been.

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Galco Gunleather offers their DAO (Double Action Only) line for medium frame revolvers. Their…