A variety of high-end leather and accessories for the HK P7 from Josh Bulman and Milt Sparks Leather.

The Heckler & Koch P7 is one of my all time favorite pistols. For many years newer designs have surpassed the P7 for use as a service pistol. They were relegated to very expensive pistols for a small group of enthusiasts. The recent release of thousands of surplus German Police service pistols at great prices, has brought the HK P7 back from the dead and spawned legions of new fans. One area where the P7 is still a top contender is as a terrific CCW and home defense gun. No amount of time can detract from the superb balance of “carry-ability,” “shoot-ability,” and safety of the P7 series that make it perfect in this role. These developments have also created a huge market for new owners searching for ways to carry these fantastic little pistols, and associated support equipment.
The guns imported recently as German police trade-ins are of the P7 PSP variety with the “European” magazine release. Their popularity has also spawned renewed interest and sales of the P7M8 with the “American” style magazine release from all the new converts. When it comes to everything from sights, magazines, holsters, and manual of arms, these guns are very different and very unique. You cannot interchange accessories from one to the other. This is especially important when buying a holster.

Holster Selection
I have carried and used a P7 in one variety or another for over 20 years in numerous capacities. If I have learned one thing it is this—if you get the wrong holster you will hate the gun. If you select the correct holster for your body type and carry needs, the P7 may end up becoming your favorite carry gun. Everything about the P7 is very unique, and they are an engineering marvel to this day. Because of their unique design, several factors come into play when it comes time to find a holster.

First, they have a very short distance from the front of the triggerguard to the muzzle and a very large grip area…

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A variety of high-end leather and accessories for the HK P7 from Josh Bulman…