It was January and I was traveling with my new bride when we hit some freezing weather. We decided to stop and stayed for a night at nice hotel. In the morning we opted to take a short walk and see a bit of the town before we continued on our trip.

Being accustomed to CCW when travelling, I had my magnum stashed in fanny pack at my waist. As we rounded the corner and crossed the street from the hotel, out of sight of the doorman/security, a huge street person stepped from an alley.

He approached in a threatening manner, demanding money and putting us in fear for our safety. He glowered menacingly at us and said again, “Give me money.” He had a trench coat on and his hand was in his pocket, which he emphasized as he spoke.

Fearing he had a weapon, I stepped in front of my new bride and said, “Okay, I’ll get my wallet.” But when I opened my fanny pack, I brought forth the magnum.

We were still few feet apart and he looked surprised, but not shocked. He continued to glower and repeat his demand. I went to the “high ready” and told him to back off if he didn’t want to get shot. I could see the wheels turning in his head. He spat at me and then rapidly crossed the street away from us.

I reported the incident to the hotel security before leaving, but nothing ever came of it.
But I was glad I took my magnum along—very glad. My firearms and use of force training did their job. I still tell people today that it is better to have a gun and not need it then to need a gun and not have it. I still have that magnum that I carry to this day. I don’t leave home without it. —MT, OR

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