Instructors at CorBon’s Law Enforcement Training Center know that shooting steel is a great way for new shooters to work on the basics. Not only does it give you immediate feedback, it is great fun.

In June 2011, CorBon opened its Law Enforcement Training Center (CLETC) in Sturgis, South Dakota and while attending the grand opening I recognized that the connection to the local community was clear—this was a community event that encompassed the firearms industry, not simply another range opening. Although put together by CorBon, it was clearly a group effort involving the entire business community as well as the city administration and the local community. Given that many ranges are put in place at great odds with both, this is rare and fantastic to see. It bodes well for the long-term success of CLETC.

Building a successful training facility on police training alone can be problematic at best. The solution is to also offer training for the civilian shooter, for both advanced shooters as well as those that are new to the sport. Given that new shooters are the life’s blood of the sport, it is critical that training be geared towards their needs. The new CLETC is cognizant of this fact, and a recent trip to a Level 1 Pistol Class made this abundantly clear to me.

The Red Creek Tactical M&P Pro was laser accurate and completely reliable — an ideal pistol for high-round intensive training.

CLETC is nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota in Sturgis, surrounded by the openly friendly atmosphere of “Middle America.” People are casual, courteous, and those carrying guns are not looked upon as evil. It is easily one of the friendliest atmospheres for gun training you can find. Clean lodging is easily affordable and accessible—hotels and restaurants are within a five minutes drive of CLETC. It truly is an incredibly easy place to get to, accommodating even the most cost-conscious trainee.

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Instructors at CorBon’s Law Enforcement Training Center know that shooting steel is a great…