9mm by Jim Wilson
Compact, easy to shoot 1911 that delivers a performance plus!

Super accurate, custom quality 1911 that won’t bust a budget!

RUGER LCP .380ACP by Dennis Adler
King of the mouse guns, it’s the sureshooting Lightweight Compact Pistol!

TAURUS PT1911 .45ACP by Clair Rees
New breed 1911 boasts custom quality details and it’s priced right!

SMITH & WESSON M325 TR .45ACP by Denis Prisbrey
Reliable, accurate, and controllable—it’s a no-nonsense big bore!

KIMBER PRO CDP II .45ACP by Rich Grassi
Custom Defense Package is a fast draw, concealed carry special!

PARA USA LTC 9mm by Rich Grassi
Best of the breed mini-nine— it’s the 1911 Lieutenant Colonel!

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Gun talk perfect J-Frame—30 years of searching

Combat corner capabilities versus limitations of snubbies

Tactics carry spare ammo daily—just in case of emergency

VIP protection get out of the kill zone—go from cover-to-cover

Survival savvy hot weather concealed carry problem solver

New products guns and gear that caught our eyes

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