by Michael O. Humphries
MACs are back—MPA30T-A 9mm and MPA10T-A .45 ACP!

FNH FIVE-SEVEN ODG 5.7x28mm by David Bahde
Low recoil and lightweight self-defense pistol boasting 20 shots!

NIGHT DEFENDER .45 ACP by Charlie Cutshaw
Colt’s newest sub-compact 1911—perfect for backup or all day carry!

WILSON COMBAT CARRY COMP .45 ACPs by Michael O. Humphries    Professional and Compact 1911s deliver concealable firepower!

Lightweight reliable snubbie for the savvy concealed carrier!

CYLINDER & SLIDE GLOCK 26 9mm by Rob Garrett
Daily backup gun for 14 years gets upgraded to ultimate carry pistol!

WALTHER PK380 by Dennis Adler
Their first true new .380 ACP in 80 years—the PPK’s heir apparent!

DAN WESSON VALOR .45 ACP by Matt Berger
All business combat 1911 without any extra frills!

It Happened To Me
Dog Days / Thirteen Dollars / Unhappy Meal / Dark & Lonely Road

Self-Defense and The Law Countering fabricated or confused testimonies

Street Smarts Four major dangers of church security

Reloading Train more by loading up inexpensive .45s

VIP Protection Counter-ambush training facilities

Combat Corner Getting the most out of your snubbie

Wheelguns Old school Smith & Wesson M67 .38 Special

Tactics Car survival skills to engage a deadly threat

Suppressors Tactical Solutions Casade .22 LR

Handgun Hide Pancake holsters from EPS, Don Home, Galco

Gun Talk Bowen Classic Arm’s sight-perfect snubbies

New Products Guns and gear that caught our eyes

Gunsite Gossip A Jeff Cooper Retrospective

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