SIG SAUER P250 9mm
by Eric Poole
Next step in handgun evolution, many models in one!

by Chris Edwards
Comfortable and concealable with a big bore punch!

PARA USA CARRY 9 by Todd Lofgren
Slim, compact, easy to carry 1911—a sweet shootin’ mini-9!

TAURUS 24/7 PRO 9mm by Dave Spaulding
Nuts and bolts handgun—simple, reliable and accurate!

NEW KEL-TEC PF-9 9mm by Mike Detty
Lightweight, compact, accurate—a concealed carry special!

KIMBER PRO AEGIS II 9mm by Rich Grassi
Put the protective shield of Zeus in your hands!

It happened to me Get the point/Insured by S&W/Unforgettable day/Be Prepared

Self-defense & the law
danger of over-penetrating bullets

New products guns and gear that caught our eyes
Hornady’s Leverevolution/Springfield Lasergrips/Safariland RLS/Scorpion/Muzzlemate/STI

Gun talk
Smith & Wesson’s first double-action .44

VIP protection standard operating procedures of international teams

Handgun hide winning trio from Kirkpatrick, G&G, and Safariland

Just knives Timberline’s 18-Deltas folders

Airguns & other training training with blanks—an realistic approach

Combat corner best loads for .38 Special snubbie

Gunfighting, guns, gear gun grabs by your so-called friends

Tactics don’t get shot in the back—beware of hidden threats

Basic training pair of first timers with .38 and .44 revolvers

Street smarts make the right moves when attacked

Survival savvy
all about the Quick Draw Ground System

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FEATURES SIG SAUER P250 9mm by Eric Poole Next step in handgun evolution, many…