by Eric Poole
German engineering at its finest—there’s no compromise!

PAIR OF LASER SNUBBIES by Gary Paul Johnston
LaserMax/S&W 360 and M&P 340—sureshooting fighting combo!

WALTHER PPS 9mm by Dennis Adler
New slim and thin sub-compact—could it be Bond’s newest gun?

BERETTA M9A1 9mm by Charlie Cutshaw
US Military’s service pistol gets an upgrade for the 21st Century!

KAHR PM45 .45ACP by Mike Detty
Compact, easy to carry and boasting a big bore punch, it’s the ultimate mini-45!

SMITH & WESSON MODEL 22 .45ACP by Mike Boyle
Time-honored Model 1917 becomes a retro revolver extraordinaire!

It happened to me moment of truth/fast food, fast tempers/road warriors

Self-defense & the law too much gun and malicious intent

New products guns and gear that caught our eyes
Crimson Trace/Pearce Grip/Springfield/Smith & Wesson/Cobra Enterprises/BlackHawk

Airguns & other training practice makes perfect, especially with Glock 17

VIP protection protecting the home and principal

Gun talk Smith & Wesson’s classic Model 26 .45

Handgun hide cowhides from Bianchi, El Paso Saddlery, Wilson Combat

Just knives
5.11 Tactical’s heavy-duty Tarani folders

Combat corner best 9mm loads for compacts and sub-compacts

Survival savvy training the Thunder Ranch way

Gunfighting, guns, gear avoid conceal carry taboos in clothing

Basic training combat shooting cornerstone: speed, power, accuracy

Tactics VIP protection training at SIG SAUER Academy

Street smarts traveling through the bad parts of town—stay alert

Gunsite gossip words and wisdom from the late, great Jeff Cooper

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