Many folks who are concerned about personal defense and the requirements of securing their own safety take the first step toward that goal by purchasing a handgun. If they are really serious about it, they go out and put in a little practice time, or go through the trouble and expense of attending a shooting school to learn how to handle their weapon. This is a good start but, as usual, there is more to it than that.

tactics2.gifHuman nature, familiar daily surroundings and a repetitive routine all make us feel comfortable and secure. As a result, most of us are not very sharp when it comes to being aware of what’s going on around us. Familiar surroundings and repetitive daily habits are the enemy here, and can see us fall into a complacent attitude. This could prove to be deadly. As Jeff Cooper remarked on a number of occasions, the last thought that has passed through the minds of a lot of good people just before the lights went out was, “How could this be happening to me?” They had never thought seriously about what could happen, and never bothered to watch the area around them for signs of trouble. This complete attitude of ignorance is what got them killed.

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