It seems it only a few years ago that I was attending evening classes in law school and working in construction. During one phase, I was moving heavy equipment (tractors) at night after school, and sleeping and studying in the day. I also worked as a bouncer and other jobs to get me through school. Our equipment yard was right next to an LAPD outdoor gun range, and with some favors, I shot regularly on their police qualifying range, also discovering that their qualification shooting standards were at the time dangerously low and the course ridiculously easy. I had a few guns but my favorite was a reworked 9mm Smith & Wesson that would shoot 2.5-inch groups at 25 yards, and had not had a jam in over 3000 rounds of reloads.

After a period of time on that job, my boss began to get calls for me to make moves in somewhat dangerous neighborhoods, because other low bed operators would not go there at night, and a day move meant an extra day that the equipment sat instead of operating and earning money. Although a number of incidents occurred to me during my tenure in this job (including having my windshield shotgunned), there are three occasions when having a gun clearly prevented my being harmed.

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It seems it only a few years ago that I was attending evening classes…