Although the 9mm CZ 75 Shadow CTS LS-P is designed with competition in mind, its 18+1 capacity and controllability make it equally suited for self-defense. The term “wondernines,” as it refers to double-action 9mm Parabellum high-capacity semi-automatic pistols, still floats around the firearms world after more than a quarter century. Predating the popular phrase by almost a decade was the CZ 75. Adding to the original’s lineage is this year’s CZ 75 Shadow CTS Long Slide (LS-P). Like most guys who build things, and then read the directions, I loaded a couple of magazines and started plinking away at the steel targets on my range to get the feel for this new pistol. It wasn’t until after some range time that I started digging into the history of this handgun. cz-75_005 The Shadow comes with an 18-shot magazine that features an extended baseplate that provides extra purchase for the firing hand. History Between World War I and World War II the Czechoslovakian economy blossomed, in large part due to its firearms export industry. As Communism expanded after World War II, all of the heavy industry in Czechoslovakian was nationalized and shrouded behind the Iron Curtain. Even when the rest of the USSR deployed with AK-47 rifles, the Czechoslovak army showed their confidence in self-produced Vz. 58 assault rifles. cz-75_010 Custom reduced-weight springs and a trigger overtravel adjustment screw make the difference in the trigger pull on this competition model.

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