CZ USA Tactical Sports .40 is exceptionally accurate as this target from 25 yards shows.

After ten years of teaching officers and SWAT cops to shoot, and over 20 years of carrying a pistol, I finally decided it was time to have some fun at my chosen calling. Shooting is like just about anything else out there. Once you start to move into the teaching side of things your teaching tends to take over, often at the expense of fun time spent at the same skill. Although able to shoot consistently during this time I have not been immune to this phenomenon. Firearms competition is not new to me. Until now, that mostly revolved around sniper rifles and sniper competitions. Regular attendance over the years either as a shooter, judge, and even host provided a good background in the Sports side of shooting. It’s great fun, there is a ton to be learned, and you get the chance to meet and compete with some fantastic people. What had been missing for me at least, was time on the pistol, carbine, and shotgun. So I set myself to competing at all three of these disciplines. As the pistol is the primary weapon of a police officer and armed citizen, it seemed prudent to start there. Starting in a production division with what is essentially a production pistol just served to wet my whistle, so to speak. Being incredibly competitive, it became necessary to step it up a bit and move into what is termed the “Limited” division in the local USPSA matches I attend. In order to do so there was a need (at least in my mind) for a different pistol. Or maybe it was just an excuse to buy another gun!

For those not acquainted with the particulars of this division, you are limited to a certain degree in what you can do to the pistol. This was of particular interest, as it was preferred to keep the weapon as practical as possible. No red dots, compensators and the like. It is mostly a combat-oriented pistol with iron-type sights. What it does allow for is increased capacity, and there is a difference for those shooting calibers with greater recoil. This seemed practical as it is always best to practice with what you will use in the real world, and this would allow me to do just that. Our department issues .40 cal pistols, and my carry pistol is a 10mm. Both use the same 180-grain bullet, mine just moves a bit faster.

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CZ USA Tactical Sports .40 is exceptionally accurate as this target from 25 yards…