In the last issue of CH I discussed the fact that the armed citizen (AC) was most likely to be attacked in their home, as opposed to in their car or on the street, by a lone young male, also known as Violent Criminal Actor (VCA), armed with a handgun. The next place where the AC is most likely to be assaulted is in their place of business. Third and fourth place is in or near their vehicle and on the street while on foot.

survsav2.jpgWhen I decided to make a study of assaults involving the AC, I had two objectives. First, I wanted to determine the type of encounter the AC was most likely to face. And secondly, I wanted to identify, if possible, those elements (or a threat response pattern) most often used by those ACs who successfully managed a confrontation in their home. My findings would provide the starting point for designing a comprehensive course of instruction for the armed citizen that would address a variety of possible threats based on location. The reason I wanted to use location as one of the primary criteria for course design was based on the critical importance of danger signs.

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In the last issue of CH I discussed the fact that the armed citizen…