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I just finished reading the article Feeling Psychic (Mar09 issue) and I can relate to that story and am sure there are others who can say the same thing. They have voices in their head too. No, not your wife or the “crazy” voices, but that little voice that is looking out for you. I believe that most everybody has one and it can be used or lost. Maybe not lost, just covered up with day-to-day problems.

When I came out of the Navy many years ago my “voice” was very active. I listened to it and avoided many bad situations or at least saw them coming. Over time I lost it. A few years ago it was back, but it took me a few times of screwing up to realize I had better start paying attention. My last danger voice came a few weeks ago in a parking lot.

My wife had heart surgery and was unable to drive so I took her to a nearby city for x-rays and a checkup at the doctor’s office. We had borrowed her mother’s car since it was easier for her to get in and out of. Also, she had to ride in the back seat. Now she was a real backseat driver.

We got the x-rays at the hospital and headed over to the doctor’s office for a checkup. I let her out at the door to the office and moved down to a parking place. I had scanned the area as we pulled into the lot and made mental notes about the area. Number one was there should be no foot traffic through this area of town. I noted several other things and for some reason proceeded to go ahead.

After parking, I undid the seat belt, placed my gun on the seat next to me, placed my magazine (a gun magazine—what else) in my lap and propped it up against the steering wheel. I put my head down and began to read. Ten minutes or so later the voice was there, loud and clear. Danger! Without moving I scanned the street in front of me…nothing. I looked in all the rear view mirrors, still nothing. I did notice that I had not locked the doors after my wife got out. My hand moved to the lock. That feeling was very strong. I suddenly sat up straight, whirled to look over my shoulder. I hit the lock switch as I turned. It was very loud.

My eyes locked with a large man who was coming around the end of the next car to the side of my car. He flinched and stopped short at my movement and the sound of those locks. He turned and hurried away around the end of the building. He must have come from a parking lot next door. I waited a few minutes, then put my gun back in my pocket and went into the doctor’s office for some water. My mouth was suddenly very dry. Yes, I have a carry permit. The voice came through and I listened.

If you hear “voices” or get that feeling something is about to happen or you feel you should or should not do a certain thing, listen! It could save you or a loved one. I believe that with practice you can fine tune your inner voice and it will be loud and clear. You do this by stopping whatever you are doing and concentrating on whatever is bothering you. After a few times it gets easier to listen and react or change your plans.

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