As a law enforcement professional or responsible armed citizen, the chances of being faced with a deadly force situation are on the rise. All we have to do is watch the local news to see instances of murder, robbery, and aggravated assaults are increasing. Even in public venues such as schools, churches, and restaurants—places that were once thought to be safe are now places where citizens fear crazed gunmen hell bent on causing as many casualties as possible. Now is the time when it is not only important to carry a weapon for protection but also to be properly trained in tactics and handling of a weapon. When carrying a weapon, not only are you accountable for putting the threat down but you’re also accountable for everything that occurs around you based on your actions.

High Caliber Training (HCT) is a training company that was started in and uses the same facility as T1Gw, the military training company located outside of Memphis, Tennessee. HCT has started to offer the same caliber of professional training to the civilian and law enforcement communities, offering three main sections of training for civilians—weapons training, driving, and medical training.

Advanced Concealed Carry
Recently I was invited to attend HCT’s advanced concealed carry course. Whether a plainclothes detective or concealed carrying civilian, developing the right techniques while practicing from a concealed carry position is something that rarely happens. This course covered everything, from the very basics to advanced techniques, in just three days.

The class started off in the classroom with the safety briefing, which is the most important part. The safety aspect was something that was heavily emphasized throughout the course. This attention to safety is paramount for successful training in any environment. Next, the basics of handling the weapon and the tactics of using the weapon were covered, to the point that a person could come in with absolutely no experience in firearms and able to handle a weapon with a basic understanding of tactics. More importantly, it was stressed that developing techniques like grip, draw, sight alignment, and trigger control into the subconscious was something that would only come with practice. Another thing I picked up on was that the instructors never pushed their way of training as the only way.

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As a law enforcement professional or responsible armed citizen, the chances of being faced…