America’s love affair with the .45ACP cartridge rages on and for good reason, it’s a great load! Both powerful and accurate, it’ll punch holes in paper right where you want them while simultaneously bringing about human incapacitation as fast as any handgun cartridge is physiologically capable of doing. While handgun “knock down power” is a myth, the .45 will bring about “mobilization interruption” quicker than most. While our current .45 fascination has revolved mostly around the 1911 platform, there are a few discriminating individuals that want something different, something that will separate them from the rest of the .45 pack. For those that find themselves in this position, they need look no further than SIG SAUER.

sigarms2.jpgWhile SIG does offer a full line of 1911 style pistols made in a variety of materials and sizes, they have not forsaken their original flagship pistol the SIG SAUER P220. As a matter of fact, SIG has expanded the P220 Series to include DA/SA and SAO (single-action only) Match pistols, the Elite Series that offers all of the bells and whistles in regards to features, Elite Carry Series designed for those who may need an all around gun for both service and concealed carry, and finally the P220 Compact Series for what I call “tuck away” guns that are intended to be tucked away until a serious situation calls for their introduction.

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