Our goal is to reinforce good shooting habits and tactics by encouraging their use day in and day out. As you consistently practice the same methods and techniques, they will slowly become ingrained in your subconscious mind, and over time you will automatically do the right thing without the need to stop and think it over. This will make it more likely that you will do the right thing when suddenly placed under heavy stress, and will help minimize mistakes. While engaged in the intense business of coping with a defensive confrontation, where your survival might be on the line, your conscious mind can work on the physical aspects of the problem as they unfold, while the subconscious side will handle the mechanical details of defense. When properly trained, the subconscious mind will take care of such details as drawing, sight alignment, and trigger control. All of this helps to minimize mistakes.

tactics.jpgOne of the things that most people must work on is the natural tendency to let down or relax after you have survived the initial attack, and the action is apparently over. One way to combat this and to ingrain the habit of staying alert is to lower the pistol to the ready position when the shooting is over, and scan all targets to be sure they are neutralized. If one is not, and you quickly and without hesitation fire a follow-up shot to finish the problem, your only penalty will be the time it took to fire that extra shot. If you hesitate, or pause for a second or two before firing another shot, a five-second penalty will be added to your overall time, because you relaxed before the problem was over. In the training format, if a target is not neutralized or the shooter hesitates several seconds before firing a final shot, he will be declared dead at that point.

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Our goal is to reinforce good shooting habits and tactics by encouraging their use…