A little over a year ago, I left a friend’s house one night after playing video games. As I walked towards my car, a guy wearing a hood walked towards my car, which was parked by a bus stop. The guy must be waiting for the bus, I thought. He walked up to me and asked me for the time. Sure, I said, so I looked down at my watch and this guy sticks a gun up to my neck. Natural reflex and without even thinking, I moved the gun off my neck and now we’re wrestling for the gun. My attacker started pulling the trigger trying to shoot me in the face as I looked into the short barrel and saw the shiny gold bullet in it, but it didn’t fire.

Finally, I stopped fighting for the gun. He robs me of my entire paycheck that I’d cashed earlier in the day, but more importantly, he almost robbed me of my life when he tried to shoot me in my face. This was too close to a death experience and it taught me many lessons:

1) There is a God. Based on physics, I should have died that night. God had to have stopped those rounds from going through my face.

2) Be prepared for the unexpected and stay alert 24/7.

3) One shot can put you in a casket, so don’t take life for granted. Cherish every moment. 4) Criminals have guns, so I bought a few of them just to even the odds.

5) Criminals pack everyday, nowadays so do I. Police never caught the robber, so the thief/attempted murderer is still on the streets for all I know.

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A little over a year ago, I left a friend’s house one night after…