Ed Brown Products has established an enviable reputation for producing pistols, which embody the apex of custom 1911s, built by masters of their craft. I buy most 1911s with a certain amount of gunsmithing and parts replacement already in mind. Such isn’t the case when eyeing a pistol from the Ed Brown family…one can be sure, without reservation that an Ed Brown is the best that money can buy.

Gun Details
The Special Forces Carry is essentially a Commander-length slide on Ed Brown’s Bobtail frame. The gun can be had with both a matte stainless frame and slide, or with the slide coated with Ed Brown’s black Gen III, either with both components bearing the black Gen III, or with blue steel frame and slide, both coated with the black Gen III. The test gun, however, was an all-stainless version.

The 4.25-inch Commander 416 stainless slide and frame are forged in-house, allowing total control over quality. Deeply cut cocking serrations are found at the rear only, the ejection port is lowered and flared, and a traditional time-proven internal extractor is employed. Low profile fixed Ed Brown’s night sights are dovetailed into the slide, and a matte top-round slide reduces glare.

The distinctive frame features the famous Bobtail treatment with a contoured mainspring housing and grip frame, lending the pistol to better concealment. Despite the “bobbed” tail, the grip frame itself is of standard length, allowing a full grip. The front strap and mainspring housing are given a Chainlink treatment, providing a rough-textured surface for a positive grasp under varying conditions. Otherwise, all edges on the frame are given a smooth carry bevel. The mainspring housing and grip safety are gracefully fitted with almost airtight tolerances.

The slide stop is of the standard GI profile, and the ambidextrous thumb safeties have extended serrated pads, though not too wide. They “snicked” positively up or down, staying put. A single-sided safety is also available. Magazine release is a standard checkered unit. A high-swept, memory-bumped grip safety is used. The hammer is a slotted and chamfered Commander-style, and is hand-fitted to the Perfection sear and disconnector. The sample’s extractor, slide stop, firing pin stop, firing pin, sear spring, and hammer were all Ed Brown’s Hardcore parts, specially heat-treated and guaranteed against breakage for life.

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Ed Brown Products has established an enviable reputation for producing pistols, which embody the…