The demand for ammo has surpassed the manufacturer’s ability to make it and while some will feel the need to cut back on training, don’t do it! A large round count is not necessary to prepare for armed conflict, just commitment. Let’s break down those skills needed to prevail in a gunfight.

Before you start writing in because I have not included the “diving back flip to kneeling, fall to the ground and roll over,” consider that I am trying to break this down to its most basic form. The harsh reality is that there is no way to prepare for every possible situation that could happen in a fight! With limited training time, facilities and ammo, the best most of us can do is work on fundamentals and then possess the state of mind to select which skill is needed and how it should be applied to the situation at hand.

elpresidenteIn order to prevail in a gunfight, we need to know how to hit what we are shooting at as quickly as possible without complicating the process and draw the weapon quickly while keeping a shooting grip and getting on target. Also, it is important to learn to look for, recognize and make use of available cover, (i.e. retarding incoming fire). If cover is not available, we must remove ourselves from incoming fire and keep our weapon running.

It sounds a bit simplistic but take a closer look. Having the ability to hit what we are shooting at is absolute and needs to be accomplished regardless of what position we may be in or the environment we are in. Few of us are operating in a war zone, so it is likely our gun will be holstered and concealed, so we better know how to get it on target fast without complications. Recognizing cover is great, but unfortunately we do not get to decide what is cover. Our opponent does.

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