Should you be taken by a surprise attack, it’s imperative that you do something immediately. In your training and practice you should program yourself for an immediate response in such a desperate situation. Don’t just stand there with that “deer in the headlights look.” Your immediate response will help to disrupt the attacker’s game plan, make him adjust to your unexpected response, and give you a few seconds whereby you can gain the upper hand. Following this theme one step further: Whenever possible get out of the kill zone, or point of initial contact. This should be preprogrammed in your subconscious.

killzone2.jpgThere are several ways to accomplish this, the main point being to try to program the shooter to quickly assess a surprise situation and make a response without hesitation. So, in an unexpected crisis you don’t have to stop and think things through; the decision has already been made beforehand. Use of the ID props is an effective means of ingraining an immediate response on the part of the shooter. As the shooter turns to face an unknown problem they will be forced to observe the problem, adjust and do something quickly. Oftentimes the shooter’s performance will be a bit rough around the edges, since things do not go exactly as expected and quick adjustments must be made to get the job done. This doesn’t do much for your ego, but you soon learn to adjust, correct problems and just carry on until the job is finished.

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Should you be taken by a surprise attack, it’s imperative that you do something…