The Galco SOB holster has a 40-degree cant and grips-up positioning of the holster pouch which make for a quick deployment of the Gen4 G23.

Conventional CCW wisdom dictates “one gun, one method of carry.” One gun certainly, but one method of carry is really dependent upon environment and weather, and that’s almost always a changing dynamic… unless you happen to live in San Diego.

Dressing around a concealed handgun needn’t be as problematic as most suspect. It all comes down to the gun and your comfort level. And comfort is the operative word in concealed carry. The simple fact is that most people with a CCW will never unholster their gun. You read about all the cases where guns come into play for self-defense—and make no mistake, it happens every day—but the odds are almost always against encountering a situation where a gun will need to be drawn and discharged, unless your line of work continually puts you in harm’s way.

Pictured (clockwise from bottom left beside Glock), Galco MX4 Matrix Level 2 security paddle holster, Galco Triton Kydex IWB holster, Galco SSS (Side Snap Scabbard), Galco Quick Slide, Galco SOB (small of the back) belt holster, Yaqui Paddle, and Legends in Leather MI6-DA Mk II suede shoulder holster.

The .40 S&W caliber Glock 23 Gen4 is a very good sidearm for CCW, as it provides capacity (13+1), a full-size grip frame, interchangeable backstrap panels, ambidextrous thumb rests, a large magazine release, and most of all for concealed carry, a shorter overall length of just 6.75 inches. The principal issue with carrying a full-sized grip frame semi-auto (4.75 inches from the top of the slide to the bottom of the magazine) is concealment. This comes down to body type. Big, barrel-chested men can get away with a lot of gun in a shoulder holster; trimmer individuals, men or women who are short waisted (short happens) have a harder time with a compact semi-auto in a shoulder holster. There are, however, many, many alternatives to shoulder rig carry, belt holsters, and the most versatile of all, paddle holsters.

Less reactive to cold and moisture than leather, the Galco Matrix MX4 auto-locking holster provides security with a thumb-activated release.

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The Galco SOB holster has a 40-degree cant and grips-up positioning of the holster pouch…