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My fiancé and I had been staying at his parents’ house for a few days and there had been several robberies in the neighborhood over the past few weeks. People assume they are safe when they are home and that nobody will break in if you’re home. Well, I found out that was not true.

On this year’s Election Day my fiancé and his father went to vote, while I stayed at home with my two dogs. I was in the back of the house talking on the phone when I heard something like glass breaking. The dogs started barking like crazy so I decided to go out to see what was going on. I walked down the hallway and realized the dogs were barking at the back door.

As I turned the corner, I looked towards the back and saw two males trying to get into the house. We made eye contact. It didn’t even scare them off! So my first thought was to go get the handgun. I ran to the room and got our Glock 36 and Kimber Custom II. I put the Kimber in my back pocket and loaded the Glock, and turned the corner again and pointed the gun right at them.

They saw that I had a gun and decided to jump the back fence. I called 911, but by then they were long gone. I think every woman should be trained with a gun just in case things like this happen. We go to the range almost every weekend so I was ready for them. The police told me that the robbers would have most likely tried to barge in to rape me and rob the house.

I was thinking about getting my concealed carry permit but now it is a priority. I don’t go anywhere without a gun at my side. You are not safe even in your own home anymore.


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Editor’s Note: Combat Handguns pays $100 for each “It Happened To Me!” letter that…