Several months back, my wife, myself and our two sons were visiting her family. As we were leaving town, my oldest boy wanted to stop at a local fast food restaurant to eat lunch. The weather was cold and raining, so the family stayed in the van as I went in to get our order and we would eat in the van as we headed down the highway.

As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot, I saw only one spot available to park due to the lunch hour rush. It was in front of a vehicle that was parked perpendicular to the parking spaces and took up three spots. As I pulled into the spot I saw no one in the vehicle, so I parked there and went inside to get our lunch. While waiting in line for our food after placing the order, a man came up to me and asked me to go and move my van so that he could get out. I told him that I would be out there in a minute and move it. He got agitated that I would not go right then and move the van for him to get out. I told him that I was not going out into that nasty weather but once and that was going to be after I got our food. He walked outside in disgust.

When I got out to the van he was standing by his vehicle cursing at me to move quickly. I told him that if he was in a hurry that he should not have parked like that. I sat in the van and handed my wife the bag of food for her to give the boys their meals. I looked over and he was shouting more profanities at me and proceeded to come around the front of my vehicle. At this point, I did not know what he was going to do, but I knew what I was going to do. I pulled my Glock 19 9mm from below my seat and chambered a round. As I did this it really caught his attention. He did not say another word and went back to his vehicle and waited for me to leave.

In my state it is legal to carry a weapon in your vehicle, as it is an extension of your home and can be defended. I did not have to use my Glock, but I was ready to in order to protect my family.

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Several months back, my wife, myself and our two sons were visiting her family.…